Panorama di Capriati a Volturno Panorama di Capriati a Volturno Panorama di Capriati a Volturno

Guida Turismo

The Italian National Tourist Board sponsors the site  
or Ufficio Turismo: ENIT (Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo)
Other helpful sites include and  

General Information

 One of the best resources for general travel and destination-specific
information is:
 Other good general sites are:; and
 The Italian Tourist Web Guide:
 Italy in a Flash:
 Rome boasts the most sites of any Italian city. One of the best is run by:

 Currency Converter: Get an instant exchange rate by logging onto
the site:

For information on the euro, check out the:
Travel Information:

In case of an emergency, embassies have a 24-hour referral service.
Consulate in Naples at: Piazza della Republica Tel.(081/583-8111) Fax (081/761-18-69) Open Monday to Friday 8am to noon.
The Embasy of the United States is in Rome at: Via Vittorio Veneto 119 A
Tel.(06/46-741) Fax (06/467-422-17)

The Insider's Guide to Rome

The saying "all roads lead to Rome" still rings true in Italy, where the capital is at the convergence of a dozen highways, including the A1 autostrada, which connects Rome with Florence, Milan, and Naple. The Grande Raccordo Annulare, called the "GRA," is a highway ring around the greater Roman urban area into which all incoming roads feed. Rome's a headache to drive in, so use the GRA to circle around to the side of the city closest to your final destination rather than trying to cut across downtown.
Rome's official web sites: Jubilee 2000 Enjoy Rome

Your way to the Incredible City of Florence, Italy

Venice Today

A Great General-Interest Web sites The InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide (info on the entire region) (Capri)

Organized Tours & Package Tours
The biggest operator of escorted tours is Perillo Tours, family operated for three generations, Mario Perillo, and his son. Perillo's tours cost much less than you'd spend if you arranged a comparable trip yourself. Accommodations are in first-class hotels, and guides tend to be well qualified and well informed.
One of the more moderately priced package-tour operators for travel in Italy is Italiatour, part of the Alitalia Group, which offers a wide variety of tours at great saving in the off season.
Trafalgar Tours is one of Europe's largest tour operators, offering affordable guided tours with lodgings in unpretentious hotels.
Globus has first-class escorted coach tours of various regions lasting from 8 to 16 days. Tours must be booked through a travel agent
Abercrombie & Kent offers a variety of luxurious premium package. Your overnight stays
will be in meticulously restored castles and exquisite Italian villas, most of which are four- and five-star accommodations.

Central Holidays Tours (CHT), affiliated with Alitalia offers low- and high-season package tours.

Pino Travel offers a pick-and-choose menu of car rental, air, and hotel.

Travelers with Special Needs

 Travel Information Service, Moss Rehab ResourceNet, is a great source for information, tips, and resources relating to accessible travel.
 Another excellent online source of travel agents who specialize in planning trips for travelers with disabilities. Access-Able Travel Source  
 (SATH) Society for the Advancement of Travelers with Handicaps. The organization provides information sheets on destinations and referrals to tour operators who specialize in travelers with  
 Flying Wheels Travel
offers various escorted tours and cruises with an emphasis on     sports, as well as private tours in minivans with lifts.  
Another reputable operator is Accessible Journeys, for slow walkers and wheelchair    travelers 
Holiday Care is a national charity advising on accessible accommodations for the elderly and persons with disabilities.  
American Foundation for the Blind;    
Accessible Italy Web site that concentrates on info pertinent to Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan for the traveler with reduced mobility.
Armchair World

For seniors:
Grand Circle Travel
AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Members get discounts on hotels, airfares and car rentals.
If you want something more than the average vacation or guided tour, try Elderhostel

For Students
The best resource for students is the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) . This organization can set you up with an International Student ID card, and its travel branch , Council Travel, the world's biggest student travel agency, can get you discounts on plane tickets, rail passes, and the like
Hostelling International/American Youth Hotels
Also try USIT Campus

CyberDeals for Net Surfers Microsoft Expedia
Opereted by the European Travel Network, is a great online source for regular and discounted airfares to destinations around the world. You can also use this site to compare rates and book accommodations, car rentals, and tours.
Epicurious Travel
Fly- Cheap

Council Travel
STA Travel
Yahoo! Travel

Alitalia is the Italian national airline, with nonstop flights to Rome from different North American cities, including New York (JFK), Newark, Boston, Chicago, and Miami. Nonstop flights into Milan are from New York (JFK), Newark, and Los Angeles. From Milan or Rome, Alitalia can easily book connecting domestic flights if your final destination is elsewhere in Italy. Alitalia participates in the frequent-flier programs of other airlines, including Continental and US Airways.
Canadian Airlines International
American Airlines:
Continental Airlines:
Northwest Airlines:
US Airways:

Travel by car

The Three major car rental companies in Italy are:
Other US-based companies
Europe by Car

In some cases, slight discounts are offered to members of the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Each pampany offers a collision-damage waiver (CDW) at $15 to $25 per day (depending on the car's value). Some companies include CDWs in the prices they quote; others don't. This extra protection will cover all or part of the repair-related costs if you have an accident. (In some cases, even if you buy the CDW, you'll pay $200 to $300 per accident.) (Check your existing auto insurance and also see what's available through your credit cards. Note that credit cards might cover collision but will usually not cover liability.) In addition, because of Italy's rising theft rate, all three of the major U.S.-based companies offer theft and break-in protection policies (Avis and Budget require it).
Emergencies Dial 113 for ambulance, police, or fire. In case of a break-down on an Italian road, dial 116 at the nearest telephone box; the nearest Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) will be notified to come to your aid.

Travel by train
For Italian an European rail information, visit CIT Travel at
Where to buy a pass: Rail Europe

Apartments, Villas and Palazzi

If you're looking to rent a villa or an apartment, one of the best agencies to call is Rental in Italy , ,
A popular but very pricey agency is Villas International
If you want to stay in a historic palazzo, contact Abitare la storia This nonprofit organization represents owner-managed hotels, residences, restaurants, and convention centers around Italy, in the city and the country.
Vacation, inc. web site at
Interhome, with vacation homes all over Italy (and other countries)

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